5 Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location

Welcome to FNaF Sister Location, the fifth horror part from the Freddy’s series creator. Its fans saw it in October 2016, few months later the users of iOS and Android could also try the newest app. The app differs from its predecessors. A player here faces new enemies, the most serious of which is Circus Baby. The reviews on the application were pretty different; it caused both lots of critics and positive reviews. Its soundtrack and voice effects gained great reviews though. A player doesn’t remain in a single place anymore, but moves from one space for being protected from antagonists. He will have to complete a range of tasks which differ from one night to another. At night number two, for example, the gamer will have to complete certain tasks in Ballora Gallery. During the night four he has to be ready for a battle against Minireenas.

Similarly to the second version of the series, this one allows a player to try a mini-game after the main part is over, where the above-mentioned Circus Baby offers cupcakes and ice-creams to kids. Have you concluded the mini-game successfully? Then the night five invites you to a hidden level! A gamer stays in his security room and his aim is not to allow “Ennard” robot to enter it. He monitors the cameras and closes the doors, but their power is quite limited. After completing all nights, you open an extra options gallery, including photos and prints of the robots, building map, and an auto access to a mini-game with cupcakes and Circus Baby. The update in December, after completing five nights, gives you an access a Custom Night regime. A player has an opportunity to choose from different options and levels of difficulty. Pursuing the objective to survive a player should save oxygen and energy supply. After completing those modes, you can view different cutscenes. There exists a four stars attainment system. It can be reached after opening both endings of the plot, passing the highest difficulty levels each night, as well as mini-game with Circus Baby. Needless to say, a jumpscare ending is at your disposal in case you fail to defend yourself.