FNAF6 is available on Steam for free. You actually will not lose anything if give it a try. The game is exactly for the fans of the popular series! In case you manage to reach the best ending of it, you are going to get a thankful message from Scott Cawthon. Majority of game fans was sure that was the last of the FNAF games. However, is that really so? Cawthon still might link a couple of games with each other.

The games at FNAF6 actually tell a story about a child serial killer William, who has children and was especially abusive to the youngest one. At the end of the game, he seems to find his punishment when roaming among the souls of the kids he killed. He will not remain with those soles, but will go very far to hell. The problem is, Springtrap who seemed to be burned at the end of FNAF3, managed to appear in FNAF6, and that’s probably not the end yet. The focus of the FNAF1-3 is the souls of the murdered kids, and the focus of FNAF4-6 is their murder.

We don’t know what will become the plot of the next game or even games. But we are almost sure the story of Freddy Fazbear isn’t finished yet, and you’re going to see it sooner or later. Although the creator didn’t make the games for money, it seems like he would love everyone to see the continuation.