Five Nights at Freddy’s 4

5 Nights at Freddy’s 4 was at first thought to be the final chapter, and became the fourth chapter of the widely loved series. It appeared on Steam unexpectedly in July 2015. One month later, it was available for iOS devices. Its mechanics was highly criticized, being totally different from previous games. This time you are not located in the office of security. The horror events relocated to child’s bedroom. You will not see any cameras here, and no Phone Guy, just the instructions on your screen to assist you. The flashlight is also available here, and moreover, its power in unlimited. Use it to scare the animatronics away. But close the door promptly in case you hear animatronics at your door, when the flash is turned on. If you walk away, the door opens. Watch the closet carefully. There might be also three small “Freddies” on the bed. If your light shines too long, or you leave everything for a pretty long time, you will end to be jumpscared.

Between the nights, you are entitled to enjoy mini-game named “Fun with Plushtrap”. Put all your efforts to stop a small plush toy within certain timeframes. In case you win, your next night starts at 2 a.m. Mini-games get even more complicated with progress. There is a time bonus available, which will disappear for the same level in case you finish the level.

Like a previous game storyline, this one includes five extremely complicated nights with additional levels. You are going to play against 4 animatronics during the first 4 four nights. The night number five you will face Nightmare Fredbear, combining the features of all the four precedent enemies. After you complete successfully your first five nights, a sixth one extra night will be unlocked, in which you will have to defend yourself from all the animatronics till 4 am. Once you complete this level, you open the “Nightmare” level, which is similar to the previous one, but the animatronics are more aggressive. You can unlock the eight night with the help of a secret code, which has the advanced difficulty level. There are also some other unlockables in that version.