FNAF 2018

FNAF 2018 is the new game of the popular game franchise, launched at the end of 2017.

The game makes you the owner of Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria. Your goal is to run the restaurant, i.e. feed the clients, improve your restaurant design, and buy new animatronics. Besides, there are some extra tasks during the night, where you will have to update your pizzeria’s systems and do some other simple things. The game in Steam is 8-bit styled but most of the gameplay is implemented in 3D.

Each day of the game a player should check his pizzeria, distribute pizza to kids, and do some other improvements. He will also have to check the office ventilations; otherwise he bares the risk to be attacked by animatronics.

There are different possibilities of endings:

Bankruptcy Ending. In case there will be a lawsuit against you at the end of one of the days or you have not enough money to solve the conflict, your balance equates zero or even less and the game will be over. You will hear a cocky message.

Blacklisted Ending. For reaching that end you should purchase an issue or animatronic with a high level of risks and set it in your pizzeria. You will get several lawsuits at the end of the week. Another cocky message is waiting for you.

Insanity Ending. For reaching that kind of end, you should buy Egg Baby Data Archive and install it in your restaurant. After that, you should wait for the night to come. Once you get to your office and turn your PC off, pay your attention to the button in the down left screen corner. It will not be green, as usually, but blue. Hold that button and urn your computer on. The message from a Cassette Man is waiting for you; also you can view the pictures on the screen.

Mediocre Ending.  That ending is waiting for you if you don’t get any animatronics and don’t buy anything for your pizzeria.

There is also a Bad ending and a True ending.