Get ready to become the greatest business owner with a new Cawthon’s game FNAF 5 inviting you to the amazing horror world between running your business!  According to the title, the aim of the game is to run a pizzeria and ensure a secure surrounding. If you fail to do this, this might cause suits and include you to the blacklist if the number of suits is too high. Start up your own Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria! Get highest scores for designing pizzas, feeding the kids and develop your own restaurant!

The goal is collecting pizzas and distributing them to clients. Later there appears an obstacle blocking the pizzas. There is a glitch after that and the players are transferred to the next scene, where they appear at a table with a tape recorder and just a sheet of paper. A damaged Circus baby version appears in front. The man on the tape tests the animatronic movements. After the recorder stops, you can see the damaged animatronic on the screen. You find yourself on the title screen.

The game goal is to fill your pizzeria up with different catalog items and ensure the safety, revenue and entertainment. It’s necessary to avoid those items which might lead to lawsuits. After that, you complete the tasks on your computer in the dark office. Prevent your office from the animatronic coming by turning the computer off, but that leads to the temperature increase. You pass out when the temperature is 120° F. turn the PC on and lower the temperature. But be ready for noise attracting animatronics. After completing tasks, you are to log off and finish the night. You can choose to salvage animatronic to get revenue between nights. Using a stun gun against the animatronic over three times reduces its value.