FNAF 6 Freddy Fazbear Pizzeria Simulator

Freddy Fazbear Pizzeria Simulator fnaf 6 is one of the most popular horror, and point & click genre games created by the developer Scott Cawthon. Many people think that is one of the most unique and best horror games, while the gameplay is really easy, the plot is very mystique and there are lots of secrets in that game.

The events take place in 1993 (the year is stated in the last versions of the game to prove the events of FNAF2, etc. take place after the events of the FNAF1). The leading character spends his nights working at the pizzeria. There are five main plotlines and two additional ones. During the first four nights Mike is going to get the voice messages left by the previous security guard. He says that the animatronics of the restaurant are able to move the rooms easily at night, while turning the off for a long time leads to blocking their servers. In case one of the robots notices a human, he will think that’s an endoskeleton and will try to put him into a Freddy Fazbear suit, what kills a man. Mike has to manage to survive 5 nights, and get his bonus after the sixth night. He will be fired after the 7th night for damaging the animatronics.