This time you are invited to your own Pizzeria in FNAF 7! If you are sure to have strong and healthy nerves, get ready for scary nights!

Don’t worry about any accidents anymore! You are responsible for the upgrades you can make by yourself! Your new friend named Helpy assists you to purchase many different things, equipment, robots, and even activities. That’s not your entire job, however. You are running your pizzeria; make sure to make all the updates. Be careful, there might be robots coming through the ventilation channels. Trap them with various sounds, and turn everything off if they’re close. There might be also something showing up at night in your restaurant. But that’s not a big problem! Check its reaction to relaxing music and save it for getting revenue!

There is also a big party on Saturday, so work this day. Then go and organize your pizzeria to prepare for Saturday. Good luck! (You’ll definitely need it).

Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria is the 6th game in the well-known series, and a great Final of all the scenes in the series. It was released in December 2017, and had to be a widget game, but suddenly became the sixth one containing “simulation” feature.