FNAF Andoird APK

Do you think you manage to survive five nights at Freddy’s? Then get prepare to occupy your next position at that beloved restaurant. Both children and parents adore this place for a great food and joyful entertainment. Freddy Fazbear along with his “lovely” two friends are fan favorites. Who are those characters? They are robo-animatronics whose aim is to satisfy and entertain the crowds of visitors!

Be careful, however, while they become dodgy at night, exactly when you start your shift! Your boss decided not to waste money for a repairman, but rather to hire you as a night worker.

Watch the cams in your office really carefully! The electricity supply is limited because of the corporate budget! In case it’s over, no the doors, neither cams will be able to save you. Try to monitor Freddy and his mates, protect yourself from the enemies!

Despite the simplicity of the app, it is really horrifying. You are going to experience a real terrifying thrill during your play. Watching creepy toys isn’t for everyone!