FNaF World

Want to play a new role-playing game from Scott Cawthon? Then try a first official related to the popular Freddy’s series game, released in 2016. The success of the game was pretty doubtful, while it raised lots of critics concerning multiple bugs and unfinished gameplay. It was finally updated in February 2016 and released again as a free version. The two modes of the game are available to a player, including Fixed Party and Adventure. You are entitled to choose from two pretty difficult levels also: Normal & Hard. Start from choosing two parties, each of them containing four characters. You can swap the lead characters in and out if your party. Listen to the tips from Fredbear.

You should explore the world of the game and reach new places. Once you reach a new place, press a button at it and teleport easily between each of the places. At first, it had to be a 2D game with 8 bits, but eventually it was released as full 3D game. Multiple enemies are waiting for you when playing the game. Each of them is unique at his own place. While defending from the enemies, you should get tokens and points, which can be used for buying different updates helping you in your future experience. The playing field is 3D-styled. Your characters are on the right side and your enemies’ ones are on the left side always. A player has a choice for each of the characters, he has to choose one of the three commands (the commands differ depending on the character). Try your luck in completing mini-games and unlocking new characters!