Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator

If you are ready to a new adventure combining horror with an extremely interesting business experience, welcome to the latest of the Freddy’s series. Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator is an 8-bit game requiring players to control Freddy Fazbear and deliver pizzas to some kids. That section ends as a glitch usually.

After that, you are switched to the dark room to face animatronic, similar to Circus Baby’s one from Sister Location, one of the series games. You are guided by cassette voice. You can fill in the list with the options “yes”, “no”, and “unsure”. In case the animatronic threatens to player’s safety, a player can overpower it using a stun gun. If you do this more than 3 times, the animatronic loses its value and reduces the amount of your profit. You earn cash reward in case he is successful in that part of the game. In case he is unsuccessful, he won’t get any rewards. However, a player is entitled to refuse rescue the animatronic and abandon it. That task is to be complete with a different animatronic after every of the first 4 nights. After that, you are taken to business stimulation, where you should buy decorations for your restaurant and place those decorations around it. That gives you an extra income. Keep in mind, lots of those issues might cause lawsuits. You can accept sponsorship offers for money, but some issues might be caused later for you in that game. The games are also interacted with other mini-games.

You have to use a computer for completing different tasks for managing the restaurant. Different hostile and dysfunctional animatronics attempt to attack you. You can shine your flashlight in the ventilation or use audio to stop the animatronics. For tracking his movements you can use different motion detectors. You can also upgrade your office equipment to use the level of the noise, which is the sound of the animatronic movements. You are entitled to switch to an additional system of ventilation; it runs more quietly but controls the ambient temperature worse. Loud ads are caused by any sponsorship you accept and you will play them randomly, this will attract the animatronics and you will not be able to hear them. As soon as all the daily tasks are done, the computer is logged off, the day ends. After you complete five days and nights, the game is over. There are several possible ends of the game, which depend on the pizzeria improvement degree, lawsuits against the pizzeria brought by the customers, and the number of the animatronics saved.