Don’t let Freddy catch you! As a player, you sit in your, as it seemed, quiet office and monitor the cams. A usual job of a guard, huh? However, you are going to track the location of the animatronic mascots. You can easily see them coming to your door, and close it. But keep in mind you do not have enough electricity. You’ll have to turn the cams and open the doors from time to time to save their power. Otherwise, you are going to be caught by scary animatronics! As you could guess, the game will be over for you.

Hold the enemies off by using your doors. Failed to do that? Then the jumpscared ending is guaranteed! Your task is easy; you just have to survive from midnight to the early morning. The game will last 8 minutes and 37 seconds for you. If you manage to complete all the nights, of course! The mobile version is twice shorter (the mobile users are lucky).

You will see four animatronics on your screens, including Freddy Fazbear and his great scary team: Chica, Foxy, and Bonnie. There is Golden Freddy also, but you will see him only during your hallucinations.